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Organic Words. Eclectic Sounds. Acoustic Soul.

Eleanor is an artist in the truest sense. Throughout her childhood, she sang for family and for fun, but as she came into her teens, Eleanor seriously began to explore creative writing and recording. She has worked with artists in the industry as well as held leading roles in various local bands/groups. Aside from being a musician, Eleanor has developed a deep passion and skill for painting and illustration and continues to create art through many mediums. She lets her eyes, ears and heart guide her through life's journey.

Eleanor Performs 'Boulevard'

Eleanor Performs 'Perfect'

I am of Jamaican/Sicilian descent. Ingrained in my blood is a love for the ocean and for waves. Not just the ones that crash the shores of my homes, but also the ones created by sound, that vibrate deep in my soul.



Boulevard is a song that lightly addresses a topic I actually spend a lot of my time thinking about. Consider it a little window into my thoughts, my contemplation on the meaning of life, purposefulness and my struggle to identify within a shallow world.

I’ve felt pain and I’ve experienced love

Some would say my music fits into the genre of pop and soul, while others would say there are influences of folk and reggae. My journey has been long and I have crossed paths and worked with people both known and not. I grew up traveling the country and have lived overseas. I’ve lost loved ones, I’ve felt pain and I’ve experienced love. While these experiences have nurtured my growth, they don't define who I am today.


Perfect is about vulnerability and honesty — with yourself, your lover, or perhaps the world. It’s about admitting that you aren’t perfect, understanding that no one is, and taking what otherwise would be seen as a weakness and finding true beauty in every imperfection.


I am what I decide to be, in each creative moment.

I am what I decide to be, in each creative moment. Now, I choose to be a mother, a lover, and an artist. I write, sing, dance and play the guitar to open my soul and express my life. I inspire others to be brave enough to love themselves and one another.



Cupid captures the hypnosis of sudden love. It expresses the very intense feelings that surface from subtle encounters with a stranger that leaves you completely enraptured. It’s the internal dialogue that takes place at the onset of a very deep and passionate infatuation.

Music is my platform — the choice in language I use to speak my innermost secrets. As more hearts listen, I wish for no one to want to “be like me.” Through my lyrics, I teach my listeners that the only thing consistent with us all, is that we are always changing. We should all embrace our change.

Currently residing in Tampa, Eleanor is working on her debut, 5-track EP as well as attending school. She is a full-time mother to her daughter and loving partner to her fiancé. Eleanor performs regularly at local events and venues and has a strong passion for good works, specifically in the field of animal protection and care. To get more information about Eleanor's current and future projects, follow her below.

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